First Assault

by Descendant

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released March 1, 2009

Engineered and Mixed by Mike Bond
Produced By Descendant

Raffaele Guarna: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Chris Buttera: Drums
Dan Bouthillier: Bass
Colin Rose: Guitars



all rights reserved


Descendant Ottawa, Ontario

Rhode Scholars of Rock. Scientists of shred. So bang your F*ing head!

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Track Name: First Assault
Track Name: M.A.D.
All life is going to end
Soon there will be nothing left to defend
This planet will self destruct
You better believe we're fucked

It's Mutually Assured Destruction

Governments are rising up, vying for control
The power hungry digging in, siphoning for control
With no one left to mediate, this battle will unfold
And leave our planet shattered
The damage is assured

Go to code red
Check the spread
Wait for the swell
On my signal unleash hell

Life is not worth living, the system has decayed
Sent soldiers by the millions
Running wildly into the fray
The doomsday clock is ticking, these are our final days
Embracing Armageddon, our leaders have betrayed us
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
Just like the leaves in the fall
Another brick in the wall
Just like the grains in the glass
Another blade in the grass

So write your sins out on me
I am a man with no creed
Just like a mold with no form
A drop of rain in the storm

I'm just a blank slate
Like a Tabula Rasa
Some say I'm empty
My body is just a vessel

Inscribe your wisdom on me
A soul that yearns to be freed
Burn your thoughts on my skin
I hear your words on the wind

Chisel your love on my bones
Leave your scars on the road
We only speak what we know
We only reap what we sow
Track Name: Blood Empire
Exiled from Eden, we roam this lawless land
A Blood empire built upon a throne
of flesh and sand
Sent the tall ships out to grace on the shores
of distant lands
With razor teeth and sharpened claws
We greet our fellow man
Don't come up to us with offerings
Don't try to bring us peace
We'll mutilate your cattle
And colonize your space
Don't try to put up barricades
Your people we will ravage
Taste the steel of the blade
Bow to the warhammer

Submit or die
We live the lie

This fight had no meaning
This war will have no end
For we were not of woman born
We are immortal men
Sacrifice the living, desecrate the dead
We do the dark lord's bidding, we are his instrument
Servants of the coven prepare the sacrifice
Masters of the dark arts and takers of life
Fear that drives us, fear that guides us
We never will rebel
Better be a slave on Earth than be a king in Hell

This fight will never end
This is not an enemy we can defeat
Extinction is inevitable as old conflicts never cease
Only by one we will all fade into oblivion
Remnants of a once great society of liars and fools
Flesh merchants power mongers
Cast out of paradise and drowned upon the shoreline
of this ancient cosmic creek
Track Name: Forever and Away
Heart is like an open wound, plunge your hands in
Sink into the memory of what we used to be
Sadness welling up inside
Feels just like a million eyes
Piercing through a window pane
But outside there is only rain

I can't control, I cannot speak
The words I used to have cursed me
And silence only seals my fate
Forever and away

I see you in my dreams
The way things were meant to be
A shadow on your face hides your eyes
Gone without a trace, you and I

We had our fantasy through the glass
But in reality it wouldn't last

I will never be what you wanted me to be
Your expectations lie far beyond reality
No matter how I try I'll never satisfy your greed
So carry on, you carry on

Hope is the brightest before dawn
But I don't want to face the day
I know that you will carry on
And I'll remain in misery

It seems so long ago we were inseparable
In dreams I'll see your face again
My eyes are shut don't open them
I'll live inside this dream forever and away
I can't explain, you would not see, you had to change
You couldn't be with me
Track Name: East of Eden
A lone figure wanders from the flame
Looking for a place to rest
In time he will stake his claim
He can't quite comprehend it
Yet this surging sense of pride
He'll hide here for a length of time
Away from prying eyes

My soul is damned
I walk this land

East of Eden

And just like this a story will unfold
Trapped inside a grain of sand
Sin is at your door
Travelling the land of nod
Never fear the reaper
You look up to the sky and ask...

"Am I my brother's keeper?"
No fear, no rest
No peace, no death

East of Eden

As I drift into the night, never will I see the light
You left a mark upon my soul
And vengeance sevenfold
The blood of the Earth, the keepers of the sky
The ones who guard the fold
They know my name

Head my words, God is vain
Don't disturb His vision
Track Name: Lost Cause
There were many things I should have said to you
Many years have passed, you've come to me at last
But now I see your face, the words have been erased
I couldn't ease your pain, I failed you again

And as they part the drapes, it's like a waking dream
The feeling dissipates, my body starts to scream
This cannot be your face that's staring back at me
And now I feel the rage boil into agony

You were my final cause
A pale light in the fog
I hope you traveled well
I'll lay you down with a shadow of myself

When I sent you away it was a courtesy
I wanted you to stay but pride has silenced me
You had a life to live and I was such a waste
I couldn't keep you in this deadly embrace


I'll try to struggle on alone without a cause
As you fade away from me...from me

And so the story goes...
You found your way back home
The bonds you thought you broke
Were stronger than you'd hoped
Fate condemned your flight
And burned your wings with spite
But you will live again
You will live on my friend
Track Name: The Cradle
A heavy head beneath the crown
A heart that beats without a sound
You squeeze the vein no pulse is found
What is this madness?

A single thought can lead to war
A desert soaks in blood and gore
While metal stalks the open sands
In a distant land

Oil! fueling the fires of hate
Rebuilding the armies of Satan
Nothing can stand in their way
A sign - remember the lesson of time
The trumpets will sound off in Zion
And reawaken the lion

They use diversions to control
Sucking darkness from our souls
Drain the lifeblood of this land
And use the common man

Place importance on the East
And then rebuild majestically
A modern desert paradise
And stack the odds against our lives

Tipping the balance of power
This is the fated hour
We are children no longer

We rise
Making a stand for mankind
We will preserve our bloodline
No more will die for the sake of a lie!

He who robs the cradle desecrates the earth
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world