Pass The Ammunition

by Descendant

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released April 1, 2011

Produced by Mike Bond

"Ripped" Raf Russell: Vocals/Guitars
Sean Orlicky: Bass
Chris Buttera: Drums
Mat Brinkworth: Guitars



all rights reserved


Descendant Ottawa, Ontario

Rhode Scholars of Rock. Scientists of shred. So bang your F*ing head!

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Track Name: Dance With The Devil
See how she waits in the shade
A silent menace with no shame
See how she’s stalking her prey
From across the dance floor
The beating heart of darkness calls
Will you deny her? Can you try to fight it?
She’s got you in her grasp
Will this breath be your last?

Get away, get away, there’s no turning back,
She is gonna’ find you
Never say, never say, d-d-die,
If you give up hope you won’t survive

Rising out of the mist
Was it the wine or the spirits?
Or just the taste of her lips?
Reach out, caress her hair
She’s going to take you straight to hell
No room for error when you
Dance with the devil

Get away don’t dance with the devil
Get away, get away
Track Name: Sins Of Youth
Cut off your wings, show me the devil inside you
The things you did are etched upon my soul
Your face has changed, but I still recognize you
Maybe the past is better left alone

Don’t judge me for seeing the truth
Haunted by the sins of youth
In the end all we have to defend
Is what we tried so hard to lose
Sins of our youth

Cut down the weak, struck at the unprotected
You climbed the broken just to reach the top
Living a lie and you don’t know if you can take it
So don’t expect to stay there very long
Track Name: War Machine
Well I was forged in times of war
I watched the blood spill to the floor
Found underground by the spawn of the Earth
Taken in and received by the murderous horde
Hard to be seen cause I take many forms
Like a deadly disease of a nuclear war

Tilt your neck to the sun and receive
Your punishment

I am a weapon
Built to perfection
I’m a war machine

Well I’ve been stoned and crucified
But I prevailed yes I survived
Made my home in the eye of the storm
And I don’t choose sides so the fight goes on
I’m going to cut my teeth on your broken bones
So watch it motherfuckers when I knock on your door

Feel the cold winds of time on wings of black
I have arrived

I am a weapon
Built to perfection
I’m a war machine
Track Name: Bloodlust
You got a second chance, so draw a line in the sand
Between who you are and who you could be
It doesn’t happen everyday, so don’t let it get away
Reach out with both hands, hold on tight

They call it bloodlust
When you’re at your worst
They left you for dead
So off with their heads

Fed up and worn out, hell bent and hell bound
Just another step across the line
Time to make ‘em pay, no time to waste today
Praise the lord and Pass The Ammunition

I can see the fear in your eyes (in your eyes)
This day will mark your demise (at my hands)
No sense in trying to run with every shot from my gun
I am re-born

Track Name: Before My Time
Faded again
Through the haze I pretend I’m somewhere else
Wasted again how much more can I take?

I won’t go I won’t give up yet
I’m not going to die with so many regrets
Hell can wait I ain’t changing my mind
I’m not going to go before it’s my time

Running away
I try to catch my breath for a moment’s rest
How can one man survive the storm?

I won’t let go if you stay here with me
This is it now I’ve made up my mind
I’m not going to go before it’s my time
Do your worst, I’m ready to fight
I’m not going to go until I’m ready to die
Track Name: We Are The Night
Well the day is done, So let’s have some fun
The week was long and cumbersome
So don’t sweat the facts, Let’s just relax
Go for a ride, Get fucking high

We pledge ourselves to the night
Too busy to live our lives

Get juiced, get stoned, get tanked, get some
No rules, no code, but we got soul
We are the night

We won’t slow down, No turning back
We want it all, We like it fast
Drowning our fears, Drowning in debt
We live our lives with no regrets

Get juiced, get stoned, get tanked, get some
No rules, no code but we got soul
Burnt out, fired up, half-stoned, half drunk
No cash, unattached, running wild
We are the night